StandardsWreschner's highest standards are product of long planning and precise thinking about the small details, including professional staff, personal attention and responsiveness to all your needs.

GourmetAll year long, and on Passover all the more, a culinary experience is part of a successful vacation. Therefore, this year we also selected the best chefs to take care of the culinary side at the highest level and abundance.

ExperienceWhen the seder leader declares rachzo, you will already think of the spa of the chol ha moed .. The unique baths awaiting you at the hotel, as well as the private beach and access to attractions.

This Pesach - in Alexandroupolis, Greece

This Pesach, when you recite the fourth Ma Nishtana question, "tonight, we all recline," you really could be making the most of it! As the plane takes off for Alexandroupolis, you will instantly begin to feel free, without thinking "if only" or needing to pretend…

The Hotel

149 welcoming spacious fully-accessorized rooms spread out over two floors, each with its own balcony plus a magnificent lobby. Large family suites, each with a captivating sea-view balcony

Gourmet Food

A large selection of ourmet meals prepared by the finest chefs Non-Gebrokt s & Kitniyot Free. Strictly kosher and closely monitored by a mashgiach kashrut team.

Pools and Spa

Invigorating thermo-mineral pools, heated seawater pool, and fitness pool. Relaxing massages Private suites Wet and dry sauna

Outdoor Pool and Private Beach

Keep cool in the kiddie pool & large, deep adult pool. A pristine, fully-equipped beach adjacent to the hotel.


Water Attractions Diving • kayaking pedal boats • island tours

Sport Attractions Jeeps • horseback riding • ice skating • sports fields • bowling, etc.

Kids' Club & Activities Playroom, playground facilities, and supervised activities

Fitness Room A spacious and beautiful area with extensive fitness equipmen

Around the Hotel

Alexandroupolis is an important port city situated on a significant shipping route. The area combines innovation with historical tradition, and picturesque fishing villages with unique shopping opportunities, all set against a beautiful primeval landscape and a sea that stretches to the horizon.


The rich spiritual atmosphere is enhanced by: Meir Gafni, Srulik Stern, Torah shiurim, Festive seder, Greek choir, Inspiring davening, Shows for the entire family


We have chosen the best tour company in the area to guide and lead us on our excursions.
a. Delicious boxed lunches provided for every outing
b. Excursions involve a separate fee paid to the tour company
c. The tour schedule is subject to change, based on information from the relevant attractions

Our day begins with a 10:00 am departure, heading towards Lagos. We will stop in the beautiful fishing village of Porto Lagos, then continue to Lake Vistonida, home to many spectacular rare birds. We will visit The Chapel Islands, where we'll stop for lunch, then leave for Xanthi, one of the area's most picturesque cities with its enchanting blend of vibrant colors and landscapes. Founded during the Byzantine era, the city that combines old and new bustles with activity 24 hours a day. From there, we will head back to the hotel at around 5:00 pm.

This breathtaking must-see trip begins at 9:00 am. We'll begin by travelling to the mesmerizing port town of Kavala, built on a slope of dry land that juts into the sea at the Gulf of Kavala. Over the century, many rulers have left their mark on this town. From here, we will sail by ferry to Greece's northernmost island, Thasos, a mesmerizing green paradise filled with lush forest groves and an artificial lake. We'll continue to the traditional Greek village of Panagia before returning to Kavala via ferry. There, we will ascend to the spectacular fortress that towers over the city at the summit of Mt. Symvolo. We will stroll through Jewish heritage sites and the famous Kamares aqueduct built by Suleiman the Magnificent, then return to the hotel at around 7:00 p.m.


Tuesday Erev Shvi'i shel Pesach
We will head out at 10:00 am to the historic silk town of Soufli, situated in the Evros Valley, on a steep slope of one of the Rhodope Mountains. The town is a fascinating mosaic interweaving new and old, famous for both the ancient silk industry that flourished there, and its breathtaking scenery. We will visit the silk museum, where we'll learn how silk is made while observing the silkworms in action. We will return to the hotel around 3:00 pm

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